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Occupational Health Services

Clay County Medical Center's Occupational Health Services (OHS) is designed to address the unique occupational health requirement of employers. Whether your business needs assistance with defining essential job functions or establishing a consistent substance abuse testing program, our staff is dedicated to developing a partnership with employers to meet their specific challenges.

Occupational Heath Services emphasizes preventing injuries and maintaining a healthy environment. Your goal is to have safe and healthy workers; ours is to help you accomplish that goal by offering our services.

Drug or Alcohol Testing

Drug or Alcohol testing and screening is a key component of many companies’ risk control program. Whether you opt for rigorous pre-employment screening, use random drug test procedures, or implement a full DOT drug and alcohol testing program, as a community leader, Clay County Medical Center has your company's best interest in mind.

Drug Testing Services:

  • U/A Drug Screen-Non D.O.T.
  • D.O.T. U/A Screen
  • U/A Collection-Affinity
  • UA Stat 5 panel
  • UA Stat 9 panel
  • MRO Service (Positive Only)
  • Random Generator
  • Breathe Alcohol Testing (BAT) —D.O.T. Compliant

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