Welcome to Clay County Medical Center

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Message from our CEO

Thank you for choosing Clay County Medical Center for your healthcare needs.

It is my privilege to welcome you to Clay County Medical Center. Since 1903, we have been serving the healthcare needs of our local and surrounding communities. At Clay County Medical Center, we understand that healthcare is evolving. The advancement of medicine and technology are providing local communities, like ours, access to better healthcare services. It is our desire to provide the best care in our region.

We strive to establish a personal and trusting relationship with everyone who comes to us. Ever since we opened our doors, patients have praised our staff. Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to your well-being. Our physician offices are adjacent to the hospital, which is convenient when making rounds, taking care of emergencies, births, and consultations. We pride ourselves on the outstanding relationship between physicians and hospital staff and believe it is crucial for continuity of care.

We have invested in our people because great medical care is an art, as well as a science. Whether you come to Clay County Medical Center for preventative care, treatment for acute or chronic illness, or rehabilitation, we pledge to treat you with sensitivity and understanding.

It is our desire to create a positive and healing experience for you each time you have an encounter with us. We want you to feel comfortable with your caregivers here at Clay County Medical Center as they involve you in the plan of care for you or your family member.

As the CEO of Clay County Medical Center, if you ever have concerns about your care, or if you would like to share a positive experience for which we can reward or recognize our staff, please email me at agillard@ccmcks.org or drop by my office. My door is open to you.


Austin M. Gillard, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer