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Volunteers are the heart of Meadowlark Hospice. The love, respect and care our hospice volunteers provide is vitally important to their overall well-being during challenging times. With the use of trained volunteers, the terminally ill and their families have an alternative to institutionalized care. Hospice volunteers find their Work to be personally gratifying, intellectually stimulating and emotionally meaningful. The hospice philosophy of focusing on living is supported by volunteers as they add another dimension to the realm of care for the terminally ill.

Volunteer Opportunities

Direct Care Volunteers
Direct Care Volunteers work in conjunction with and as a part of the Hospice team to provide psychosocial, physical and spiritual support to the hospice patient and their family. Direct care volunteers provide support for patients and family members by writing letters, making a phone call, being a listener, holding a hand, giving a hug, life review, baking a cake, playing a game, assisting with simple household chores or personal grooming, or changing a life (maybe their own).

Indirect Care Volunteers
Indirect Care Volunteers also work as a part of the Hospice team, but do the services which do not involve regular personal contact with patients and their families. Their duties may include, but are not limited to office copy work, thank you notes, compilation and mailing of newsletters, helping with the organization of the Tree of Light ceremonies, assisting with bereavement support programs, donating refreshments and sending cards.

Meadowlark Hospice Volunteers must complete a volunteer orientation and training session. In addition to training, ongoing support is available for volunteers through monthly in-service meetings in each county, support groups, library resources and individual counseling as needed and desired.

Apply to be a Meadowlark Hospice Volunteer

To find out more about Meadowlark Hospice's Volunteer Program, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (785) 632-2225 or stop by our office at 709 Liberty Street in Clay Center.

  • Inquiry - Complete our online application.
  • Interview - Screening and self-study orientation.
  • Training - Hospice basics and skill-building.
  • Check-Up - Check paperwork, background check, TB test results, confirm area of interest.
  • Placement - Welcome to the Meadowlark Hospice team.

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