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Mark A. Chapman Wellness Center

Personal Training

Personal training is the science and art of understanding physical fitness. The first step is committing to fitness. After this step you need to meet with a trainer that understands you and your personal needs as a client. It is important to find a trainer that you trust, and are comfortable with in a training environment. You are welcome to visit the Mark A. Chapman Wellness Center and discuss your options and needs.

How can you benefit?
A personal trainer helps you maximize the potential out of each workout. They provide knowledge on exercise physiology, nutrition, and training techniques that can help you meet your goals. A trainer provides much needed support to motivate you through plateaus as a client. Even though you pay for a certain number of sessions you will attain the knowledge to maintain a healthier lifestyle throughout your life.

Fitness Testing Services
At the discretion of your trainer, there are various fitness assessments that maybe performed with your consent. The pre-evaluation process allows us to see where we are at so we know where we are going. This allows you to set reasonable and achievable goals.

Fitness Assessments Available

  • Circumference - Used to track your progress in inches, not just pounds.
  • Body Composition - A measurement of the subcutaneous fat on the body by using calipers. (Available upon request)
  • Flexibility - This involves several tests that measure the range of motion in your joints. Flexibility is important for injury prevention.
  • Nutritional Evaluation - Review your normal day of eating and estimate the amount of calories and evaluate the food choices in your life.