CCMC Home - Patient & Visitor

The patient’s rights include all those listed, as well as any other rights for which notice is required under State or Federal law or regulations for hospital patients.

Patients at Clay County Medical Center have the right to:
1. Access emergency healthcare services.
2. Be informed of his/her rights in a language or by a method he/she can understand.
3. Participate in the planning and delivery of his/her care.
4. Be informed of his/her health status and make informed decisions regarding his/her care, including the right to refuse treatment.
5. Complete advance directives and have hospital staff and practitioners who provide care in the hospital comply with these directives in accordance with Federal Rules and Regulations.
6. Have a family member or representative of his/her admission to the hospital.
7. Have his/her own Medical Provider notified of his/her admission to the hospital.
8. Personal privacy.
9. Receive care in a safe environment.
10. Be free from abuse, neglect, or harassment from staff, other patients, and visitors.
11. The confidentiality of his/her clinical records.
12. Access information contained in his or her clinical records within a reasonable time frame.
13. Be free from any physical or chemical restraints imposed for the purposes of discipline or convenience and not required to treat medical symptoms.
14. Be represented by parents, guardians, family members, or other conservators when he/she is unable to participate in treatment decisions.
15. Considerate, respectful, nondiscriminatory care from all members of the health care team at all times and under all circumstances.
16. A fair and prompt process for resolving concerns.
17. Consent to receive the visitors whom he/she designates and withdraw or deny such consent at any time, unless clinically contraindicated.