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Clay County Hospital Foundation Update

To date, the Clay County Hospital Foundation has contributed $2,432,783.63 for furnishing, fixtures, and equipment. Living in a rural commu­nity during a time of low commodity prices, it is a testament to the value this community places on the hospital and its commitment to providing its residents with quality healthcare close to home.

The goal of the capital campaign was to raise $2,000,000.00. We met that goal but have not yet collected all pledges as donors have five years to complete their giving program. We were able to sell a rental property and liquidate some investments to purchase the new equipment as delivered.

We were one of only 12 organizations across the state to re­ceive tax credit dollars during the 2017-2018 Department of Commerce Tax Credit program’s grant period. The foundation board voted to use those dollars to help with Phase II of the expansion/ren­ovation project rather than using that money to meet our two-million-dollar campaign goal. So, for council members, that meant additional calls! We were successful, selling all available credits. In December 2018, we will be able contribute $303,000 to the second phase.

We also had a mini campaign for furnishing the chapel. Judy Leiszler and I composed letters to be sent to the women’s groups in the area churches. These women of faith along with others have given generously towards the project. We have sufficient funds to pay for the commissioned art piece and a plaque that will commemorate each of those gifts upon completion. The Baptist church donated a beautiful curved pew. Gary Willmann is reupholstering the pad in fabric to match the chairs in the recep­tion area outside of the chapel.

Mau­ry Berggren, a retired art teacher from Manhattan, was commissioned to create a stained glass art piece. He has published a book of his works entitled, “Images”.  You may have seen some of his work in the area – he created the stained-glass window for the Leonardville Nursing Home chapel. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has a beau­tiful example of his work at the front of their sanctuary. He also completed two memorial pieces for that church as well as stained glass work for the Idana Presbyterian Church. I am ecstatic that we were able to have a man with his talent work on this project.  Maury made several trips to our facility, considering the suggestion of rolling hills in the stucco on the exterior of the building as well as the interior design including theme, glass and color choices.  The art piece, beautifully portrays a landscape including the beautiful skies of northeast Kansas. When complete, the chapel setting will provide a restful, intimate setting for patients and visitors. Recognizing that healing may be physical, spiritual or both, there will be a plaque beside the art-work that reads,
“…the Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in His wings.” - Malachi 4:2

Although the concerted effort from the larger group who made up the campaign council has ended, I am following up on contacting remaining prospects that weren’t approached or those who asked for a follow up call this year.  We have made a significant contribution to the furnishings, fixtures and equipment, but there will be another $200,000 needed if we are to pay for everything in the newly remodeled areas of the Specialty and Walk-In Clinics as well as the Emergency Room. If you have not been contacted and wish to join us in our endeavor, please call 785-777-2505 to speak with me about the process.

At this point, we have over 500 donor names to engrave on the new donor display that will be located in the lobby area. I want to have as many names as possible on that display by year-end when we place our order. That display, like the cur­rent one, represents a legacy of giving. I am filled with emotion and pride when I see the names from previous campaigns.  Although some donors are no longer living, their names remind us of their impact on our community. 

Mark Chapman’s estate left us $500,000 and the foundation board vot­ed to use that money to pay for the remodeling of the Emer­gency Room. Mark was always grateful to CCMC for saving his father’s life after a heart attack. I believe his gift reinforces the importance of the job – although accidents, injuries and illnesses are the norm for healthcare providers, they are emotional events for families that endure in memories for many years. The professionalism and compassion shown by our employees during these times is crucial to the patient experience and our reputation. I believe our tag line describes it well, “Our Family. Caring for Yours.”

I will be retiring at the end of the year and want to thank those of you who have embraced me as part of the Clay Center family. It’s been rewarding to be a part of this final campaign and I’m proud of the new facility. I know Clay County Medical Center is positioned for great things in the future.