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Volunteer Program

Clay County Medical Center (CCMC) is excited to announce we have developed an organized Volunteer Program. Volunteers assist patients, families, and staff in many different areas within CCMC. Some assignments include direct patient contact, while others are in a more supportive capacity.  Assignments include helping patients and family members find their way around the new hospital, walking patients to a particular area, or assisting the patient activity director

Vicki Pfizenmaier, Activities Director for CCMC said, “The response and support for the volunteer program has been amazing.  We are so excited to have a great group of volunteers who have the desire to serve in our community and CCMC.”

Volunteers will be wearing a vest and a name badge. Generally they will be sitting at the front lobby desk to assist people as they come into CCMC.

We have currently filled a majority of the volunteer positions, but will continue taking applications for the volunteer position. If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer at CCMC, please contact Vicki Pfizenmaier for more information. Vicki can be reached at (785) 632-2144.

Photo 1 - Front row: Vicki Pfizenmaier, Judy Leiszler/Dunn, Francis Benson; 2nd row: Deanna Barleen, Vicky Mall, Karen Bryan, Robyn Brown, Rita Wollenberg, Donna Jordan, Mary Kaye Blackwood, Bonnie Sanneman, Jacque Meek; Back Row: Evelyn Larson, Deb Luthi, Steve Jordan, Doug Sanneman

Photo 2 - Front row: Tessie Hanson, Rose Anne Reed, Vicki Pfizenmaier, Jackie Wingerd; Back Row: Peggy Pera, Beverly Lang, Joyce Woltje/Wirrick, Max Hanson, Lee Campbell; Not pictured: Marty Stenzel