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Family Photography

Photography runs in the family. Justin Begnoche had his own photography business for twelve years. He and his wife Jennifer have five children ranging in age from five to fifteen. From this display, you will see it is obvious Justin’s passion for photography passed on to his children.

The children are active in 4-H and their interest in photography has grown from association with that club. Each of the children started taking pictures around the age of six. Featured in this display are the works of four of the children. We’ll look forward to adding number five next year!

  • Joni Begnoche - age 8
  • Juliann Begnoche -  age 10
  • Jaclyn Begnoche -  age 13
  • Joshua Begnoche – age 15

The photography show is located in the hospital's dining room till January 29, 2016.

For more information about art exhibits visit: www.ccmcks.org/foundation/artexhibitions.php