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Digital Art Paintings and Photos

Floyd Hansford and his wife Deana brings both digital art paintings (hyperrealism) and photographs for their art display in the hospital dining room until October 9, 2015.

Hyperrealism is the genre of painting resembling a high-resolution photograph. Hyperrealism is a fully fledged school of art and can be considered an advancement of Photorealism. The term is primarily applied to an independent are movement and are style in the United States and Europe that has developed since the early 2000’s. Hyperrealist painters use photographic images as a reference source from which to create a more definitive and detailed rendering, one that often, unlike Photorealism, is narrative and emotive in its depictions. Hyperrealism paintings are meticulously detailed to create the illusion of a reality not seen in the original photo. The Hyperrealist style focuses much more of its emphasis on details and the subjects.

I have often been asked why I don’t just take a photograph. Good question, when you consider my paintings look like photographs. To me it is not the destination that is important—it is the journey. The incredible challenge of recreating reality is my motivation. –Bert Monroy (one of the premier artists of the art style.) My name is Floyd Hansford and I consider myself a lifelong resident of Clay Center. I was employed as an Illustrator for the Dept. of Army at Fort Riley until I retired on October 31, 2012.

I have a longtime interest in this form of art and during my employment with the Dept. of the Army have focused to make my digital paintings as realistic as possible. I feel blessed that God has given me this talent and the eye to see all the tiny details. I start with one or more photographs and study them and pick the areas I want to recreate. I then use Adobe Illustrator on the computer and begin to draw the image. I use a computer monitor that allows me to draw right on the screen. When drawing on the computer to put a color in the painting I must first draw around the shape and then apply the color or colors I feel are right, this takes a lot of time. Each painting that is on display is entirely drawn by my hand and colors applied using my eyes to get the finished look. Although the look alike photographs, they are in fact paintings. Most involve over 100 hours or more to create. I hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to your feedback.

I retired from the Dept. of the Army on Oct 31, 2014. I was employed by the Civilian Personnel Office as a Senior Human Resources Specialist. I have had a lifelong interest in photography. I enjoy taking photos of old building, animals, flowers, and scenic settings.