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Healthy Employee Month

The Wellness Committee at CCMC recognizes the workplace’s role in helping to create healthy employees. They’ve decided to nominate a CCMC employee as the ‘Healthy Kansas Hospitals Employee of the Month’. In August, the spotlight is on Kelly D. Bent, RN.

How and when did you start training?

I have always been active in sports. Life got busy and I, like most people, put my health and wellness on hold. I saw the addition of Crossfit to the Clay Center community as a reason to make myself a priority again.

How do you stay motivated?

The CrossFit Clay Center community helps me stay motivated. If it has been a few days since anyone has seen me working out, I hear about it. I let my peers know when I don't see them also. It's a journey that I also share with my family. My husband and children are active and we enjoy challenging each other. The feeling that I get from completing a workout or from doing something good for myself is what motivates me when others aren't around to do it.

Any advice for beginners getting into fitness?

Forget about what you have and haven't done. NOBODY is watching you! Nobody cares that you can't lift much weight or that you are out of breath. It's not about anybody but you. Don't take things so seriously because lack of fitness is not equivalent to failure. Life happens and it is full of peaks and valleys. Start from today and move forward.

In regards to workouts, can you give us an overview of your typical week?

A typical week includes Crossfit 3-5 days. I take brief walks at work and play with my children when I am home. I try to stay as active as possible because fitness isn't only about a structured program. Everything counts.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement doesn't revolve around a number of pounds lost or how much I can lift (even though those are some fantastic benefits). My greatest achievement is the number of amazing people that are now in my life because I made the choice to start getting more active.

What is your favorite health food?


What is your diet like?

Nothing is off limits.  I don't make the commitment to never have a pop again or never have Doritos.  Swearing off a food is almost a sure sign that you will crave the item and feel like a failure at some point when you have inhaled those items because you had a moment of weakness.  My goal is to eat clean 80% of the time and have whatever I want the other 20% of the time.  I don't eat much bread or sweets because I don't crave them anymore.  Healthy foods decrease inflammation in our bodies and make us feel good.  I try to be kind to my body whenever I can.