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Animals Artshow

The Animals Artshow is on display until May 22, 2015. The Artshow located in the dining room featuring different artists, photographers, and collectors who were invited to enter up to three pieces showcasing an animal.

Group Exhibit Entries

DIANNE SMITH - Dianne is a registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist/PT aide in Cardiac Rehab and Physical Therapy. Dianne loves to take photos of animals. She has two cats, Maggie Moo & Simba. She is a KSDS volunteer & co-purchased with family with 2 KSDS Service Dogs, May and Clara. Submitted Drawing by Jenna Reid: "Clara". Submitted Photograph by Smith: "Just Hangin' Out".

DONNA TAHPHORN - Donna works in Cardiac Rehab and she loves to take pictures, just ask her family! She likes watching her daughter Nikki’s cat Roz, "My Daughter's Cat"! Second picture is of her cat "Tom".

LAUREN TAPHORN - Lauren submitted a gourd mask: "Tiger Gourd Mask". She is in Lincoln Creek 4-H Club and have done different gourd projects. She is the daughter to CCMC employee Donna Taphorn.

BILL HOWELL - Bill Howell found the original watercolor by Andrew A. Williams of the two cats at a garage sale.

ZOE FALKENBURY - Five-year old Zoe is the daughter of Alicia Falkenbury who is a CNA at Clay County Medical Center. She loves to color and draw and sheI drew a pig titled "Rosebud" because it’s her favorite animal.

MARCIA NEWELL - Marcia entered a painting by Dale Latta and a antique print by unknown artist. Dale Latta and Marcia were in high school together and their families get together nearly every year. Painting titled Julie and Max were Marcia's favorite dogs so he painted them as a gift. Dale Latta was born and raised in Stafford, a small farm town in central Kansas. He received a BFA from Emporia State University in 1977; graduate work in art as a teaching assistant at Fort Hays State University in 1977-78; earned a Master’s in Education in 1983. He started with large graphite drawings, moved to ceramic sculpture, and then began painting in 1997. As a child I remember the Kittens and Puppies print on the wall above my grandmother’s couch.

ANNDALEE “ANDY” ANDERSON - Andy is a senior at Clay Center Community High School and usually always has her camera along. PHOTOGRAPHY SUBMITTED: "Hope", "Stella", and "Princess".

TYCE YOUNG - Tyce entered a print of dogs titled, Chacun son tour (Wait your turn), by Boris O’Klein, a French artist and cartoonist. An anthropomorphic artist, he is known for his numerous prints and watercolors of dogs getting up to mischief. The second artwork, titled Rolling Rosey, is an intaglio print by James Munce. After teaching in Hawaii for a year, Jim moved to Manhattan and began his long-term career as a professor at Kansas State University, in printmaking.