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Artist Statement

Fleta Hanlon

Paintings & Drawings

I have always been interested in drawing. When I was in grade school there were zone meetings where area county schools met; sometimes in the school houses and sometimes in the courthouse. At one of these I got a blue ribbon for a vase I drew. My dad kept the ribbon with his important papers and I still have it.

In 1971, I attended outreach classes at Chapman, KS from Kansas State University and this was my first opportunity to study. I was able to complete five semesters of drawing and painting. We lived there eight years and I was able to enter in the Rural Urban Art Shows. KSU Professors came to critique the work of area artists. After I moved to Topeka, KS, I entered the Rural Urban Art Shows and the Topeka Artist Shows that I belonged to. I didn’t take any classes for the 5 years I lived there but continued to paint on my own.

Then we moved to St. Mary’s, KS I went with friends to Artistry in Oils in Manhattan, KS once a week for four years. It was an entirely different approach to painting. The KSU teachers considered a tree or a barn not a tree or a barn, but a colored textured object to be put in place by the purgative of the artist. My Manhattan art teacher was different; we used her paintings as a pattern to draw and paint from. She then had the paints and brushes available to do that painting. I loved this approach and did some of my best work there.


In 1990, I moved to Almena, KS and took art classes here from 1992-2010.
 Mr. Sprague, a very good artist, was our volunteer teacher. He was a how to teacher. He taught us how to make water look wet, how to do trees, dew drops, animals, and even glass. He encouraged me to learn to draw my subjects with my brush and not a pencil. At first I thought I couldn’t do it but I gave it a try and things improved.

Since then I have painted this way and I really love it. Most of my better paintings I have given away. If someone says I really love this one or do me one special, I will do this for them; mostly for family. I am an aunt to Lora Stone, CNA, who works at Clay County Medical Center.
I am not painting at the present time and need to get started.
I am now 82 years-old so better get busy.