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Will you marry me?
May 1, 2008

Francine Bechard got a surprise on Thursday morning when she walked into the willyoumarrymeEducation Center and read a banner: "Francine, will you marry me?

Francine has been employed by Clay County Medical Center since August 2002. She originally worked as a CNA and in May of 2007 she was promoted to Activity Director/Patient Advocate. Francine met Jerry Jones at his brother's birthday party two years ago. She had her first date with Jerry a couple of weeks later. She attended a Brown Mackie college basketball game where Jerry was doing the play by play. Afterwards they had dinner and the romance began.

Jerry called Tyce Young, Director of Nursing the end of April and asked if he could help him arrange a special surprise. He wanted to propose to Francine on May 1st as it was his parent's anniversary.marryme2 He also wanted to propose to her at the hospital where she would be surrounded by friends and co-workers. Jerry needed some inside help to reserve a room and have a banner declaring his intentions.

Tyce enlisted the help of several people to set up the event. Our CEO, Ron Bender could not be there that day, so he sent a bouquet of white roses to celebrate the occasion.

Jerry came to the hospital by the back entrance about 11:00 a.m., Tyce came up with some excuse to have a meeting in the Education Center.

However, the room was dark when she opened the door and everyone was waiting for her reaction to the large banner asking,
"Francine, will you marry me?"

Francine was in total shock and her first response was,"You've got to be kidding me?"

She didn't see Jerry at first and when he stepped out to steady her, he proposed in front of the group. He shared that his parents had been married seventy three years ago that day and he thought it was the perfect time to ask her to marry him.

Francine was curious about how long Jerry had been planning the proposal and he confessed he had been waiting for this special day for quite a while. He didn't have to wait for his answer as Francine said "Yes" amid tears and laughter. When she caught her breath, she announced over the intercom, "FRANCINE BERCHARD IS NOW ENGAGED TO JERRY JONES." (The event was video taped for their family.)

Recently, Jerry was offered a position with in Garden City, KS where he will be the Sports Director for the six station cluster of the Western Kansas Broadcast Center. You can listen for Jerry on the FM radio station, KOOL 94.5 Oldies Radio.He will also broadcast from two other stations in the cluster. Francine will be searching for a position in the area.

Please join all of the staff at CCMC in congratulating them on this happy event!