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Teddy Bear Clinic
March 28, 2008

This morning,children from Sara Brockman's Day Care arrived with their favorite stuffed animals as they toured Clay County Medical Center. A few of the names that made it on their I.D. bracelet were Ted E., Kitty, Goose, and Jet. This was the first to have a beaver treated in the Emergency Room who needed a bandage for its sore nose.

Teddy Bear Clinic Photo Album

photo teddy bear clinic

Photo: Patty Wickersham helps our employee, Steve Gurney's daughter, make an I.D. bracelet to put on her bear's arm. This special patient's name was Ted E.

The Teddy Bear Clinic shows children that the hospital and the doctor's office are caring places where they can receive comfort when they are sick. The idea behind this clinic is to let children know that the nurses and doctors are there to make them better and fix their hurts.
Because the teddy bear is a symbol of comfort and caring, children are encouraged to bring their favorite bear or stuffed animal. With the bear as the primary patient, participants will be weighed and measured, and have their blood pressure taken. Teddy bears that need extra care can be sutured, bandaged, or splinted.

Julie Chestnut's Preschool kids showed up in teddy bear clinic04308 two different groups to check in their teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Those visiting this time included a green teddy bear named Baby Joshua,a Elephant named Peanut, a dragon named Penelope, and a alligator named Laser. Other names written on the patient bracelets were Teddy, Barry, Panda, Flip, Blacky, Isabella, and Fluffy.

Clay County Medical Center is offering free Teddy Bear clinics to daycares, preschools and to kids 1st grade thru 3rd.

To schedule your Teddy Bear Clinic call 632-3929, ext. 406.