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CCCHS AP Class Learns About Blood Typing

Tim Block's Anatomy and Physiology Class at Clay Center Community High School learned about blood typing Wednesday as part of Clay County Medical Center's health careers program. Clay County Medical Center Lab Manager, Jeff Roeser, talked to the students about the different blood types and how their blood type is passed down to them from their parents. Students also learned about the importance of blood typing in transfusions and crime scene investigations.

Roeser led students through an activity that showed them how to determine their own blood type using the slide method. Each student was provided with a plastic test tube, bulb tipped pipet, alcohol swabs, cotton balls, safety lancet, blood typing slide, applicator sticks, and a permanent marker.

Students obtained a blood sample from one of their fingertips using a safety lancet. Then students made a 3-5 % cell suspension in saline with their blood sample. After students mixed Anti-A, Anti-B, and Anti-D reagents with their blood samples they were able to determine which blood type they were by identifying clumping in the samples.

At the end of the demonstration Roeser and Clay County Medical Center Marketing/Development Director, Bryant Anderson, talked with students about their interests in health care careers, salaries and employment prospects. According to Anderson and Roeser, the health care field will continue to experience a growing demand for more health professionals over the next seven to ten years.