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Relay For Life

Relay For Life took place at Otto Unruh Stadium on August 10th & 11th, 2007.  Clay County Medical Center chose the M*A*S*H theme for their campsite.  In an attempt to “M*A*S*H “ out cancer, the employees at CCMC set a goal of raising $1500.00.  They not only met that goal, but also exceeded it with a total amount of $1820.00 for which they received the Bronze award.

Over thirty employees from the hospital showed their support by walking in Relay for Life.  Many worked behind the scenes making preparations for the campsite.  Kendra Schurle arranged to have T-shirts made in keeping with the M*A*S*H them and several purchased those in support of the event.  Lori Beikman designed the logo for decorating the luminary sacks and printed names honoring/remembering those in their fight against cancer.

Ron Bender worked on the hospital ambulance, Cecil by completing minor mechanical repairs and Tyce Young installed paneling and a new floor in Cecil’s box.  He installed speakers and gave him a bath before driving him to the stadium.  Jim Seley made a wood frame and fashioned a screen so that M*A*S*H reruns could be viewed out of the back of Cecil.  He set up a projector and created an outdoor movie theater for entertainment.  Those needing to rest during their laps around the track could watch one of the many series featured in the 3 DVD’s he ordered for the evening.  Tyce Young and Lori Beikman made the signs for our campsite.

Ken Conley made a trip to Junction City to find some old army hats and clothing and purchased some pins for us at Fort Riley.  Deb Pyle brought in clothing from her husband Carl’s time in the Marines.  Brian Komar brought camouflage hats and toy soldiers to hand out for the children at Relay.

One of the highlights of the evening was Brian’s interpretation of “Klinger” from the series.  He was perfectly in character in his choice of dress.  We should have sold autographs to raise additional funds! 

Finally, we feel fortunate to have Sharon Wachsnicht donate her time on behalf of the survivors.  She works tirelessly in preparing food and organizing activities.  She and our CEO, Ron Bender stayed throughout the night in support of Relay for Life.  We appreciate the photography provided by Michelle Tessaro.