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Partners for a Drug Free Community

Clay County Medical Center has partnered with fourth graders at Garfield, Morganville, Green, Longford, and Wakefield elementary schools in a statewide "Partners in Red Ribbon" campaign to fight for a drug free community. On Monday, October 7th, CCMC representatives went to each of the schools to meet with the fourth graders to talk about the importance of remaining drug free.

The children were asked to sign pledge cards stating that they will remain drug free. Posters with each of the student's pledges are currently on display at Clay County Medical Center and will remain on display during Red Ribbon Week. Fourth graders also received three items, each with a message, to remind them of the importance of remaining drug free.


Garfield Students Garfield Students
Green Students Green Students
Morganville Students Morganville Students
Wakefield Students Wakefield Students