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New Physical Capacity Profile Testing System
September 12, 2008

Clay County Medical Center has purchased a new Physical Capacity Profile (PCP) Testing System to help employers match physical abilities with work tasks.  This testing should help reduce work-related injuries.

The actual machine is about the size of a physician’s exam table.  The PCP is a combination of hardware and computer software that puts prospective employees through a series of exercises that measure musculoskeletal imbalances.  The employer evaluates and ranks each physical effort required from level one (sedentary desk work) to a level five (plant operations), which follow the Department of Labor guidelines.

Some jobs require sitting at a computer, while others require lifting, reaching and repetitive movements. Job evaluations help employers to recognize tasks that will require some type of mechanical assistance, such as using a skid loader to move large loads, rather than asking an employee to risk a back injury.

Another benefit of the PCP system is being able to determine an employee’s readiness to return to work after an injury.  The evaluation guides those involved in determining exactly what level of function has been recovered so the risk of re-injury is reduced.

Testing is available to any area business interested in enhancing workplace safety.  Each screening should take about thirty minutes and will be performed by a member of our Physical/Occupational Therapy staff or our Employee Health nurse.  The testing procedure is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and HIPAA health information regulations.  The testing measures “impairments”, not disabilities, so it is designed to accommodate individuals who are wheel chair bound or who have other disabilities.

One of the tenets of Clay County Medical Center’s mission statement is to offer comprehensive services for our community.  CEO Ron Bender, says, “ The executive board of the hospital and I are excited about the opportunity to offer this service to a variety of businesses and organizations who provide employment for many individuals in our city and surrounding communities.”

pcp testing machine

Pictured from left to right:
Patti Clark, Physical Therapist Assistant,
Dr. Aaron Proctor, DPT,
Bev Rieger, RN, CIC, Infection Preventionist/Employee Health and
Shawna Pederson, OTR/L.