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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
July 17, 2008

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a supervised program for anyone with an existing or potential heart problem.  A physician’s approval is needed to enter the program.  In our department, we help educate our patients about their particular risk factors and then identify the areas where they can modify their lifestyle.  We also help the patient establish a safe exercise routine, monitoring their heart throughout each exercise session. All sessions are medically supervised and are led by nurses and a certified exercise physiologist.  Our program helps patients improve their overall physical, mental and social well-being. 

cardiac rehab

The American Heart Association has identified several risk factors that increase the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack.  Some of them can be modified, treated or controlled, and some can’t.  The more factors, the greater chance a person has of developing coronary heart disease.  Visit the American Heart Association’s website at: for more information or contact Cardiac Rehab at Clay Count Medical Center.

Donna Taphorn, RN
Clay County Medical Center