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Building For A Healthy Future!

Clay County Medical Center serves a vital need by providing quality medical care in a rural community. We offer a wide range of services: surgery, obstetrics, rehabilitation (cardiopulmonary, physical, occupational and speech), wellness, imaging diagnostics and ten specialty clinics. CCMC serves an estimated population of 15,000 people. Sixty-five to seventy percent of CCMC’s patients are over the age of 65. Over sixty percent are Medicare recipients.

The medical center is fully licensed by the State of Kansas as a Critical Access Hospital and is certified by Medicare. We are licensed for 25 beds–3 are in the Maternity wing, 3 in the Intensive Care Unit and 19 Inpatient for acute care or swing bed status patients. The hospital is Medicare certified and includes a program known as Meadowlark Hospice. The program provides for Clay County and the surrounding areas of Cloud, Marshall, Republic, Riley, and Washington.

The board of directors for the hospital has been meeting with the medical planning and architect firm, Health Facilities Group, LLC for a period of over three and one half years. A lot of pre-planning and time has been spent on addressing the medical facilities and services needs of the community.

We will be adding two new wings in the upcoming project!

  • The northwest wing will house the expanded Outpatient Clinic Area.
  • The northeast wing will be the largest of the two additions consisting of a two-story structure with a basement added to the north of the existing Wellness Center.

Northwest Wing
Outpatient Clinic
In the past few years, outpatient numbers have more than doubled, and is expected to increase in the future. The outpatient clinic sees an average of 82 patients per week. The new plan allows for an expanded nurses station, a dedicated room for eye exams, and seven outpatient exam rooms.

Northeast Wing
First Floor
Wellness and Fitness Center
The expansion will allow more room for members to use the facility in comfort and safety. An indoor walking track will be added to the end of the facility. There will be additional space for cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and weight training. Access to the facility will be at ground level.
Occupational and Physical Therapy
The department serves an average of 20 Occupational Therapy patients and 118 Physical Therapy patients per week. The project will double the space, providing for greater privacy and safer therapy areas. This department will be adjacent to the new Wellness Center, making it more convenient for the therapists and patients to utilize equipment for
rehabilitation therapy.
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy serves an average of 14 patients per week. The project will provide privacy for patients in a sound proof environment. Acoustic improvements will allow for decreased distractions during therapy sessions.
Cardiac Rehab
The clinical staff serves an average of 32 cardiac patients per week. They are currently limited in space, as they are housed in two patient rooms. Relocating adjacent to the new Wellness Center, Cardiac Rehab will have increased patient access to the center, making more efficient use of its
resources, and enabling them to provide essential healthcare services.
Respiratory Therapy
Respiratory Therapy performs an average of 261 inpatient treatments and 34 outpatient treatments per week. Respiratory Therapy will have more space for pulmonary function tests after the expansion.
Patient Rooms
Semi-private rooms will be replaced with private rooms with the new
expansion. Cardiac Rehab, Respiratory Therapy, Director of Nursing, and a meeting room currently occupy rooms needed for acute patient care. Private rooms will help with federal privacy regulations while providing a family friendly setting for everyone.

Second Floor
Human Resource
Education Center

Members of our healthcare community need continuing education and training to provide quality care and maintain licensure. The proposed project creates dedicated space for an education center in the second story of the building. The education center will allow us to conduct continuing education classes on site. The center will also be utilize to provide educational programs for the public.