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Preschoolers visit the Teddy Bear Clinic
April 30, 2012

The Rosalee Wilcoxson's Preschool kids attended a Teddy Bear Clinic on April 30, 2012 to learn more about what happens in the Emergency Room and Radiology Department. While in Radiology each of the kids made up a story of what happened to their stuffed animal which required them to get an X-ray. Justin Begnoche, Director of Radiology showed the children how the X-ray machine worked and stressed the the procedure was pain free.

The children also visited the Wellness Center in the hospital. Gary Hall introduced an activity from the Healthy, Happy, Me Program sponsored by HINK (Health Information Network of Kansas). Their 2012 Healthy Focus is on Brain Health. The kids were each given a yellow, squeeze ball with a happy face logo. They had to do the following five activities in one minute: Bounce the ball 5 times while marching in place; Toss the ball up in the air, clap their hands twice and then catch it; Bounce the ball 5 times while jumping in place; Bounce the ball under their left leg, then under their right leg; Toss the ball up in the air, turn around and catch it.

It appeared the kids chased the balls more than they were able to complete each task. However, the goal was exercise and they got plenty of that!