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February 21, 2011

Mid-America Diabetes Associates (MADA) in Wichita, Kansas will begin offering services through the Outpatient Clinic at Clay County Medical Center in March 2011.  Administration from Mid-America Diabetes Associates met with representatives of the Hospital on Tuesday, February 15, 2011.  This will allow physicians from Clay Center Family Physicians to refer patients with gestational, Type I, and Type II diabetes as needed.  “Besides providing quality medical care, our mission statement includes offering comprehensive services for our communities”, said Tyce Young RN, DON.  “Patients of all ages appreciate being able to see specialists from different disciplines without having to drive long distances.”
           Mid-America Diabetes Associates began in 1973 when Dr. Richard Guthrie was recruited and became the first Department of Pediatrics’ Chair at the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine- Wichita Branch.  Besides his expertise in pediatrics, he brought his expertise in diabetes and other endocrine disorders as an endocrinologist who had been mentored by Robert L. Jackson, M.D.  He was trained at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  Diana W. Guthrie, RN, MPH had been a pediatric nurse in Missouri and was hired by Wichita State University, Department of Nursing, as an instructor.  She also had an appointment with the University of Kansas.  Diana pioneered the role of diabetes educator in the United States.  She was inducted as a Fellow in the  American Association of Diabetes Educators in 2010.  Diana helped found one of only two graduate nursing programs to train diabetes nurse specialists.
            With Dr Guthrie and Diana’s passion for improving the care of persons with diabetes, in 1977 they developed a patient diabetes education program teaching self management skills.  The American Diabetes Association Recognized program continues to exist at Mid America Diabetes Associates with classes expanding into gestational diabetes, medical nutrition, and pump therapy.
            Research has always been an important part of the MADA philosophy. The first dose of human insulin manufactured by Eli Lilly, Inc. was given in Wichita, Kansas by Dr. Guthrie as part of the clinical trials on December 19, 1980.  Research continues to be a strong component of Mid-America Diabetes Associates practice, with several cutting edge investigations to help people with diabetes. Over the last 35 years systems have been put in place to provide the best diabetes care in the region from the education program to the systems in the office.  Protocols are carried out by the staff to ensure that the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care are delivered.  Dr. Guthrie received Provider Recognition from the American Diabetes Association in 1998 and has maintained that certification every three years.
          Outreach clinics providing medical care for patients were initially established in Jetmore, Ness City, Colby, Great Bend and Liberal.  Parsons and Manhattan were added in the late 1990’s.  The Manhattan location was later moved to Wamego.  In 2010 the clinics expanded to include Winfield and Wakeeney.  It is MADA’s mission to provide diabetes care to all those in need.  The outreach clinics are attended by a physician or nurse practitioner and a diabetes educator.  Although these clinics offer quality care, it may become necessary for an individual to be seen at the Wichita location due to frequency or additional educational services.
            Dr. Guthrie has received the Outstanding Service to Youth Award (1992) and the Outstanding Physician Clinician Award (2003) from ADA. Diana Guthrie has received ADA’s Outstanding Educator Award and AADE’s Distinguished Service Award.  The Guthrie's have chosen not to retire but to continue to live a mission driven life.  Many years ago, they were called to be "diabetes warriors" and they have chosen to continue that mission very carefully selecting additional team members recognized nationally and internationally in diabetes. 

Jeremiah Nelson            Dr. Jeremiah Nelson joined their staff in 2010 and will see patients in Clay Center.  Dr. Nelson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11. He began medical school at age 18 after being chosen for the accelerated Doctor of Medicine & Baccalaureate of Biology program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1993. Following medical school, Dr. Nelson completed 3 years of Residency in Pediatrics in Orlando followed by an additional 3 years of Fellowship in Diabetes & Endocrinology at Washington University in St. Louis.
          Dr. Nelson was offered a faculty position at Harvard but ultimately elected to join the University of South Florida faculty where he served as Assistant Professor. After 5 years of strengthening diabetes care in Florida, Dr. Nelson chose to join Mid-America Diabetes Associates to continue his diabetes centered mission back in the Midwest.
            Dr. Nelson's diabetes centered practice has included working with patients and families from many states and countries. Dr. Nelson is an advisor to multiple diabetes organizations including the American Diabetes Association. He supports regional, national and international efforts toward improving diabetes education, control and advances in the field of diabetes research. His interests include the study of current science related to both the eventual prevention and cure of various forms of autoimmunity including Type 1 Diabetes while improving the lives of patients with all forms of diabetes mellitus and their families. Dr. Nelson and his wife also enjoy history, sports and collecting music. 

Specialist: Jeremiah Nelson, MD, FAAP
Mid-America Diabetes Associates, PA
200 South Hillside
Wichita, Kansas  67211
Appointments: Initial appointment is made by the patient's Physician.
Phone: 316-687-3100
Fax: 316-687-0286