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June 27, 2011 - In recognition of achievement and contributions to the State of Kansas Hospital Preparedness Program, the State of Kansas Bureau of Community Health Systems, The Kansas Health Education and Research Foundation and the North Central Hospital Emergency Preparedness Region, we hereby present Dianne Smith, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, the first annual award for achievement and best practice.

Dianne Smith

Dianne was nominated by Susan Cooper, North Central Regional Coordinator, for her work during the 2010-2011 grant year. She consistently submitted work plan deliverables ahead of due dates, diligently attend meetings and unselfishly shared best practices with other hospitals in your region. Dianne and Clay County Medical Center staff team were a true asset to the program. Their work will allow all hospitals in the region, as well as other hospitals in the state the ability to do what needs to be done in a more efficient or effective manner. Thank you for being an active champion of the Hospital Preparedness Program.

On behalf of the above listed organizations, and your peers, we thank you for your leadership and dedication to the State of Kansas Hospital Preparedness Program.

Melissa Hungerford
Executive VP/CEO – KHERF
Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation

Mindee Reece
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Bureau Director of Community Health Systems