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fifth graders

May 10, 2011

The 5th graders from Garfield Grade School toured the hospital in several groups on May 9-10, 2011. Here at Clay County Medical Center, we want to help make a lasting impression on our youth and inspire them with healthcare career ideas.

The school tours included several departments - ER, X-ray, Nursing/OB, RT, Cardiac, Dietary, Business Office, Wellness and Therapies. At the tour they learned the various aspects of each department and what type of education is needed to work in each area.

One group got to participated in the Bedpan Toss for a chance to win a free fountain drink, 2 free cookies, and a free meal. The game was for employees to play to have some fun during hospital week.

Hopefully, the 5th graders left with some knowledge and the hope that we will see their bright and smiling faces in the future, as a new physician, nurse, or other healthcare professional.



Thank-you! I love it here.
Dear Mr. Begnoche,
Thank you for taking time from your schedule. The tour was great. I really liked the baby room and Mr. Young. Thanks again
Precious Smith

Thank-you! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Dear Mr. Begnoche,
Thank you for showing us the Hospital! I loved the slide painting. Hopefully, I don't have to visit the hospital anytime soon. I Loved the Drinks you gave us! I got Orange Juice.
Thanks Again
Quinn Mcdougal

To: Mr. Begnoche
Dear Mr. Begnoche
Thank you for giving us a tour of the hospital. I really liked the ER room. Also I liked the Big Freezer.
Thanks Again,
Nathan S

Thank You For The Tour!
Dear Mr. Begnoche
Thank you for showing us the tour around the hospital. It was really fun watching that paper clip with the tape going around in circles. Thank you very much.
Aaron Erbert

Thank You!
Dear Mr. Begnoche,
Thank you for giving me a tour of the hospital. I liked the Wellness Center. The ER was very cool. Thank you for letting us get pop.
Thanks Again,
Kinsey Cott