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October 12, 2011

Clay County Medical Center's Employees helped with the Project LEAD at Lincoln Grade School for grades kindergarten through 5th grade. Each group rotated to different stations which included Vital Signs, Veggie/Fruit Balloon Toss, LEAP Exercise, Range of Motion, Body Organ Drawing, and Go Fish Pyramid.

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Project Lead

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Printed in the The Clay Center Dispatch - October 14, 2011

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, USD -379 students dismissed at 1 p.m. due to staff meetings. Project LEAD students enrolled in Wednesday activities at Lincoln and Garfield schools took part in a program by Clay County Medical Center staff and volunteers.

Seventy-two students from Lincoln and Garfield Schools got to learn all about health and wellness in seven different stations sponsored by CCMC:

* Two L.E.A.P. stations allowed the students to work on fun fitness activities.

* Students also took part in the veggie/fruit balloon toss where they named off healthy fruits and vegetables while bouncing the balloons back and forth.

* In the "Go Fish My Pyramid" station, they were introduced to the basics of the food pyramid while playing the game together.

* Each student got the chance to check the teacher's and their own vital signs as they learned about checking their blood pressure.

* Learning about range of motion, students stretched together.

* Finally, students discussed the different body organs in the body organ draw station.

The day was full of fun learning opportunities and truly a community partnership. With seven volunteers from Clay County Medical Center, five high school and middle school student volunteers, and several substitute teachers and other adults from the community volunteering to take students around from station to station, the day was a great success.

At 3:30 it was business as usual as the students and teachers began the normal after school program with tutoring and clubs. It was a fun day and the students were excited to share all of the new things they learned during the day.