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October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat

Picture Above: Kade is getting a treat in his giraffe costume from his dad Jake. Kade is the son of Jake and Stephanie Young who are also employees of Clay County Medical Center.

Three preschools visted the hospital for Halloween. Scrubby Bear met the children at the door dressed in a Halloween hat, while employees handed out treats. Since Scrubby visits the schools, the kids rushed to give him a hug. Hospital employees got into the act by dressing up in costume. Lady Gaga; Dolly Parton; Tiger Woods; Sonny & Cher represented the celebrity circuit. Sonny & Cher, along with their groupie/hippie friend visited Clay Center Family Physicians. There, they encountered a Jedi, cheerleader, damsel in distress and other goblins. Halloween costumes throughout the hospital included a hippie, devil, clown, pumpkin, butterfly, camoflaged hunter, princess and a mime. Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat Photos