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April 28, 2010

ScrubbyLast year in November, Scrubby made a special appearance to help with a couple of Teddy Bear Clinics. Scrubby came to spread the word on how it is important to wash your hands. Scrubby taught the kids a song to the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat: "Wet, wet, wet your hands. Use a squirt of soap. Soap, soap, soap, soap. Use and dry them both" Scrubby also taught them how to cough in their elbow and use a Kleenex.

In 2010, Scrubby became an official CCMC teddy bear to help educate kids during Teddy Bear Clinics. When the children arrive at the hospital they are greeted by Scrubby with hand waves and bear hugs. Next, they get to watch as Scrubby is examined in the Emergency Room. Scrubby is usually diagnosed with a stomach ache from eating too much honey and accidentally eating a bee or two! In this particular case laughter is the best medicine so some of the kids got to tickle Scrubby to help get rid of the bees.

While in the ER, the children were shown x-rays of what can happen if the wrong things are swallowed. The children were taught to put food or medicine when you’re sick in your mouth. Next, they got an x-ray for their stuffed animals and learned how painless it is to get an x-ray.

The last stop at the Teddy Bear Clinic made for some fun and exercise at the Mark A. Chapman Wellness Center. The kids left with smiles, hugs, and less fear about coming to the hospital.

There were 5 days in April dedicated to Teddy Bear Clinics.

Please visit our Teddy Bear Photo Album for pictures of clinics.