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CCMC Employees Attend KHA Convention
November 10-12, 2010

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Hospital Association Annual Convention and Trade Show celebrated their 100th anniversary November 10-12, 2010. Those attending from the hospital were privileged to hear interesting and informational guest speakers. Among others, participants heard Henry Winkler (The Fonz); Bill Kurtis (former CBS News anchor and current host of A&E crime and news documentary shows); Lee Woodruff, co-author of best-selling "In an Instant"; Morton Kondracke, political journalist; Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Chip Madera, motivational speaker.

Table DecorConvention party tables were decorated by various hospitals for Thursday evening's , "Celebrating a Century". Each hospital was encouraged to choose a decade and to decorate a table representing that time in history. Our hospital chose the sixties as the main building of this hospital was built in 1962. Tyce Young made a table size model of the original facility. The windows were backlit to emphasize photos of employees from that time period. We encourage you to look at all the views and see if you recognize any of the employees from the 1960's.

View more of the table decorations from the KHA Party!

Clay County Medical Center was recognized for excellence in public relations and marketing for four out five entries entered by staff from the Marketing Department, Marcia J. Newell and Lori Beikman. Presented by the Kansas Association of Health Care Communicators, the Emerald Awards are given annually to hospitals across the state that excel in internal and external communications, special events, advertising, and other categories. The Emerald Awards were presented at the Kansas Association of Health Care Communicators luncheon and meeting Nov. 11, 2010.

Top Award - Two Emeralds Won By Clay County Medical Center

emerald award

External Communications: Total Campaign
Granny's Flu Tales & Healthy Lifestyle

Clay County Medical Center decided to resurrect a favorite character, Granny, to help us deliver a humorous message about the seasonal flu, H1N1 flu, how to treat the flu at home, and stay healthy. Director of Nursing Tyce Young starred in the first video we created for a 2007 MRI competition - Granny Gets An MRI. Granny was chosen for this venue because she has appeal to the elderly and the very young, the two groups at greatest risk for contracting the seasonal and H1N1 flu virus. For their entry Clay County Medical Center produced three online videos featuring Granny called Flu Tales Part 1, Flu Tales Part 2, and Healthy Lifestyle, taped six radio ads, created a Get Vaccinated poster, and was featured in the Clay Center Dispatch - Granny returns for flu tales.

Watch the Granny Flu Videos

Get Vaccinated Poster.pdf

Listen to the KCLY Radio Ads:

GRANNY minny2.mp3GRANNY Shoe1.mp3GRANNY Twinkle1.mp3GRANNY Twinkle2.mp3marcia07461.mp3matt07460.mp3

emerald award

Special Events
We Handle Every Case with Care

Every year Clay Center has a Piotique parade and in 2009 Clay County Medical Center entered a float with a theme titled We Handle Every Case with Care. Clay County Medical Center is the second largest employer in Clay Center, Kansas and the theme represents the many different departments and educational backgrounds represented by the employee base of the hospital. The theme was chosen by the Executive Team of the hospital. Ron Bender, CEO, had the winning idea and said during the meeting, "What about -We handle every case with care"? Clay County Medical Center not only had a great theme but had great employees willing to participate in the Piotique parade. Clay County Medical won first place for the most creative float!

Narrative read as the float passed the judges during the parade:

Two special cases from the hospital are riding in an Indonesian taxi called a Becak provided by our Ward Clerk, Donna Chicotti. The narrative continued as the float followed, Justin Case (Justin Begnoche carrying the medical supplies) you become a Basket Case (Tyce Young pedaling the Becak), you can see the Head Case (Ron Bender driving the case tractor which is pulling the float).

Photos from the Piotique Parade

Two Certificate of Merits Won By Clay County Medical Center

certificate of merits

Audio Visual & Electronic Communication
Rooted in Healthcare

Clay County Hospital Foundation celebrated a recent Expansion project for Clay County Medical Center and and it also re-launched its web site, with a new logo. One of the goals for the web site was not to overlook the importance of gifts from the past, take present gifts for granted or become complacent about gifts in the future. The new logo led to the redesign of the web site. The concept for the new logo had to reflect the continuity of giving while recognizing the giving of the past from families.

Clay County Hospital Foundation Web site

Special Events
Scrubby Bear

In 2009, the H1N1 flu was on the rise and the Education Department (Mary Jensen, Education Assistant, and Kim Davis, Education Director) wanted to make children aware of the importance of proper hand washing. The Scrubby Bear program was developed by the American Red Cross, and is the symbol of a national campaign to teach children, health care personnel, day care providers, and educators that infection can be combated through frequent hand washing. Clay County Medical Center's Scrubby Bear provided a fun way for the children to learn proper hand washing technique and also the opportunity to have Scrubby Bear educate the children during the Teddy Bear Clinics on eliminating fears about visiting the hospital.

Scrubby Bear and Teddy Bear Clinic Photo Album