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Blue Cross Plan 65-Select and Clay County Medical Center
February 26, 2010

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Earlier this month, many of our patients received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas which provided information about a plan newly available to members living in Riley, Clay, Washington and Marshall Counties. The plan is called Plan 65-Select and offers a lower premium compared to Plan 65 which will continue to be sold here.

One of the differences between Plan 65 and Plan 65-Select is that the “Select” plan requires the insured person to obtain inpatient hospital services from a hospital in the Plan 65-Select network, except in an emergency.  Plan 65 members may use any Medicare participating hospital.  For example, cardiac related admissions would be considered an emergency, but pneumonia would not. Under the Plan 65-Select plan, the patient with pneumonia would be responsible for the $1100 inpatient deductible if they chose a hospital outside of the Plan 65-Select Network.  To be part of the network, a hospital has to agree to write off the $1100 inpatient deductible for Plan 65-Select members.

Clay County Medical Center was not aware this plan was being marketed in our area until individuals brought copies of their packets to Clay County Medical Center with questions.  Since that time, we have been researching the impact on everyone involved including all our patients and CCMC.  We strive to honor our mission statement by providing quality medical care while maintaining fiscal responsibility.  In the end, we have decided to join the network.

Although Clay County Medical Center will be a part of this Hospital Network, there are many hospitals in Kansas and across the country, who have not become providers for Plan 65-Select.   Should you make the change to Plan65-Select and need services from any of these hospitals, you will be responsible for the inpatient deductible amount as described above.

Outpatient Services are covered by either plan.

People enrolling in the new Plan 65-Select by March 20th will have coverage effective April 1st.  Clay County Medical Center is completing the paperwork for inclusion in the Hospital Network and expects to be included by that time but is not certain that CCMC will be a member by April 1st.  According to Blue Cross, you may convert back to regular Plan 65 if you have already signed up for Plan 65-Select.  It should be noted that other insurance companies offer Medicare supplement plans with coverage identical to BCBS Plan 65.  For more information, you may call Clay County Medical Center at 785-632-2144.

Questions Regarding Plan 65-Select Plans