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Hugest Loser Competition Ended March 5, 2010

We are getting close to the end of the Hugest Loser. The competition officially ends March 5th. You should plan on coming in and getting your post measurement sometime this week. 
I hope this competition has inspired you to improve your health. That is the true goal we should all set in our own lives. Yes, it is important to shed those extra pounds, but it shouldn’t be the only focus. With healthcare changing we all need to take responsibility for ourselves. Our nation needs to realize that our lifestyle can be detrimental to our health. Our food portions our huge and fried in oil. The most popular past time is watching television and technology has reduced physical labor. Yet, we our over stressed and have little time to relax in our chaotic lifestyle. You need to make time to exercise or it will eventually catch up to you. Make small changes in your diet and find ways to relax.

PRIZE PACKAGEShugest loser

Each category winner
will receive:

  • 6 month Single Mem. or 3 month Family
  • Insulated Mugs
  • CCMC gift bag