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There's A New Bear In Town
Februry 5, 2009

There is a new bear in town and his named is Teddy. Daniel Deaver and Steve Gurney came up with the idea of making a large, welcoming bear to greet the children who visit the hospital during Teddy Bear Clinics.  This bear isn’t the bearer of bad news; he’s here to put a smile on the kid’s faces when they walk into the hospital for Teddy Bear Clinic.

Although Daniel came up with the idea of making Teddy to show support for the Teddy Bear Clinic, he has already been used for other events.  Teddy made his debut at Lunch Bunch on January 22, 2009 with the theme for the meeting being “Have a Beary Nice Day”. Teddy carried a sign welcoming that group to the hospital.  Those “kids” are aged fifty-five and older and he made a great impression on them!

Teddy stands about five feet tall.  His eyes, nose and paws are made of a cushioned vinyl and the inside of his ears and tummy are soft fur.  The staff of the Engineering Department were part of a team effort that cut Teddy out of plywood, stuffed and painted him into a great addition to the hospital.  He became an official member of the staff when Lori Beikman, Marketing Assistant, made him an authentic name badge to match all the other employees.

Pictured from left to right: Royce Rasmussen, Steve Gurney, Daniel Deaver, and Casey Urban.

Thank you, Engineering Department!