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MRI Arrives At Clay County Medical Center
January 12, 2009

There was a great deal of excitement at Clay County Medical Center today with the arrival of the new MRI. It took two semi trucks to carry all of the necessary parts and equipment. Additionally, a large crane was needed to unload the MRI. Patients arriving for treatment were redirected to other entrances as the front doors to the hospital had to be removed in order to accommodate the Siemen's Essenza MRI.

This week Jennifer Bush, MRI Technologist and Justin Begnoche, Radiology Technologist are attending classes at the Siemens Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows healthcare professionals to detect medical problems quickly. The mobile MRI availability was limited to three days a week. That time constraint often forced patients to wait or to make appointments at other facilities with an in-house unit. Rather than referring patients, testing can now take place at home. This is very important to the elderly and those with impaired mobility who cannot drive or need to find someone else to take them to appointments out of town. By having an in-house MRI, the inconveniences related to scheduling and inclement weather will be eliminated.

Patient needs are the first consideration and with that as a priority, Clay County Medical Center will be able to provide comprehensive care for everything from life-threatening conditions to sports injuries. Our communities will have ready access to some of the best medical technology that exists on the market today.

Clay County Hospital Foundation is currently taking donations for for this project. If you are interested in donating, please contact Marcia Newell at or by phone at 632-2144, ext. 489