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Lincoln Kindergartners at the Teddy Bear Clinic
April 13, 2009

Teddy Bear Clinic was busy Monday with 88 Lincoln kindergarteners visiting during the day. There seemed to be many easter bunnies that showed up with ear problems and other animals with a broken leg. In the case of Tony the Tiger, he had a broken arm. Tyce Young, Director of Nursing, asked the kids,"What makes our bones strong?" The answer was milk, water, good food and play. Kindergarteners were reminded to wash their hands frequently to prevent a school bus of germs which can cause you to get sick. One little bear had trouble breathing due to allergies and was given Bearadryl. A couple of other emergencies included a pink monkey named Bella who fell off the trampoline and needed her leg bandaged and a teddy suffering from spider bites. The kids also learned it doesn't hurt to get x-rays, but are needed to find out what is wrong with you. View Photos