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Sara's story

March 29, 2011

Siemens recently held a video contest for a chance to win a MAMMOMAT Inspiration, a new full-field digital mammography system, inspired by you. The contest winners can be found on

Inspiration is all around us.
People helping in the fight against breast cancer.
People like you. People like your colleagues.

Sara Beikman was chosen as the focal point for the 5-minute inspirational video submitted by Clay County Medical Center for this contest. Many of Sara’s co-workers wanted to share what they had learned from her experience fighting breast cancer. Her advice to have health screenings and mammograms as well as her courage facing the surgeries and treatment affected all who knew her.

Sara, “I used to ask “why me”, but I don’t anymore. I believe there is a reason for everything. God had a purpose for me that I may never understand, but I’ve accepted that.”

After Sara’s diagnosis, a high school friend, Michelle, passed away at the age of 38 with breast cancer.
Watch Michelle's Story
. Michelle didn’t want to be remembered as a person who lost her battle with the disease. She wanted to be seen as someone who was passing on the torch to help women fight the disease.

Sara’s words say it well, “Her passing affected me deeply. She pushed me and made me more determined - more passionate about the cause. I’m taking up the torch for her. The torch that promotes early detection and awareness of the disease. I was given a second chance at life and I want other women to have that opportunity too.”

You can also watch Sara's Story on our YouTube Channel site.